Tina's love for movement began in Cecil Slaughter's Horton technique class. The flow from the angst of contracting the abdomen to the ecstacy of extending the torso showed her the emotional range of humanity with no words needed. From this moment, she was hooked on the world of mindful movement.

She came to vinyasa yoga with a very non-yoga idea: someone told her she held too much tension in her hips and that her hip's rotation would be increase by practicing sleeping pigeon. Hoping to become a more pliable contemporary dancer, she explored yoga's array of hip openers and found a community for non-judgmental, non-grasping exploration of the body. In the bliss of lying in corpse pose or meditating after class, she realized a more sustainable ways to honor the mind-body connection.

She is thankful to have found a serious and welcoming community to study yoga at The Yoga Room, in Queens, NY. Under the guidance of Victoria Greene, Juliana Mitchell, and Elizabeth Barnett, she obtained her 200-hour Vinyasa Yoga teaching certification in 2015-2016. 

Studying with Nil Akin through The Yoga Room brought her to discover Iyengar Yoga. Since then, she has furthered her teaching credentials through the Yoga 216 Functional Anatomy Training in 2018-2019, and the New York Iyengar Institute's Teacher Training program in 2020. She is committed to becoming a better teacher under the Iyengar Yoga lineage. 

In 2020, she relocated to the Bay Area due to personal circumstances connected to COVID19, and found Adeline Yoga. She continues her studies under the 2-Year Sadhana Studies program lead by the fearless director of Adeline Yoga, Heather Haxo Phillips. 

Tina is available for work in class, small group, and one-on-one settings. You can share any needs or requests and she will design a one, three, or six month plan to help find strength, energy, flexibility, and calm. She will empower you with breath and mobility techniques to draw on at challenging moments outside of calls. When tension builds in your body, you will understand how to use the postures to care for yourself and others.

Yoga with Tina will begin with breath and body awareness. From a calm place, she will guide you through sequences of carefully aligned postures that challenge you physically and emotionally. You will have the chance to observe your body changing, and how joyful it is to have a body that can move and feel in any way. With compassionate assists, playful imagery, detailed body cues--and a large dose of smiles--to tune into your present moment, you will leave class feeling invigorated and more at peace with yourself.