Heavy Cushions (2019 excerpts) 

This piece uses movements that exploit relations in the textures of bubble wrap, foam mats, and a bath rug. How can the moving body interact with these objects? By contrasting the movement potential of these objects with their ordinary use, the piece meditates on themes of home, shelter, and fit.

Filtering through Flakes of Dream (2019 excerpts)

Response to painter Sophia Chizuco's exhibition

Flakes of Dream at RESOBOX LIC

Pedestal of Light (2019 excerpts)

Performed by Tina Wang

I explore desire through contrast: matter and energy, motion and stillness, sculpture and dancer, standing and sitting.

Wedding Mat Dance (2017 excerpts)

Inspired by the symbolism and textures of yoking with a yoga mat, danced to Mahler Symphony No.5 Adagietto  

Boundaries That Define Me (2015 excerpts)