I was recently given a private session by Tina and I truly enjoyed it. I felt very comfortable with her approach to our session-it wasn't intimidating or awkward but thoughtful and generous. She asked me if I wanted to do anything specific and then we went from there. 


Our session was actually perfect for what I needed that day because I wanted to move and flow without exhausting my body. I really appreciate her taking my shoulder injury into consideration and giving me variations instead of just eliminating poses. She gave me plenty of challenges and there were some really cool moments where Tina assisted me in poses to increase my range. I got in some really nice spirals and hamstring stretches!


Her verbal cues and breathing reminders were also on point. Tina was super attentive and observant from beginning to end. I never felt like I could get away with doing a sequence wrong because Tina was right there ready to readjust. By the end of our session my pelvis and spine felt way more stabilized. It doesn't get any better than a stabilized pelvis!!!!! I will definitely be working with her again.


- Stacie C. 

I tried yoga classes many times in the past but never successfully turn this into a habit. Now I am having the practice with Tina twice a week! Tina is a great instructor and I feel more and more confident in my body through the practices. She would always ask me what I want to work on before class, notice every body position I can improve (something you rarely get in a group class), and push me closer to the limit without killing me and my spirit. I think a private yoga class is suitable for a rookie like me, just to build more awareness of the body and basic position of the common poses. All in all, I enjoy practicing yoga with Tina! Thank you. :)

-Ann C. 

I really enjoyed my class with Tina. She's very knowledgeable in the field and knows exactly how to tailor the class to suit my specific needs. During the class, she gave very good insights on the different postures, and her steady hold guided me through the various poses that I couldn't do on my own. She is also very attentive to how I can improve, and by the end of the class, I realized I have a new-found appreciation and deeper understanding for yoga and how my body feels. I would highly recommend Tina!

- Diana T.