Thirst series

In the Thirst series, I reflect on the objectification of body parts by entangling the body with objects that are historically associated with menial labor. 

1) Thirst (18 minutes)

Radiator Gallery on May 17, 2019

Photos by Jon Campoverde


Performed again at

Performance Anxiety 

Chinatown Soup, NY

February 11, 2020

Footage by Oya Damla





2) Thirsty (15 minutes)

Para//el Performance Space

May 18, 2019)


Video by Amanda Hunt 















3) Quenching Thirst (12 minutes)

Chashama's Upper East Side Gallery 

May 25, 2019

Photos by Ana Maria Farina















4) Drying (15 minutes)


Upper East Side Gallery

June 15, 2019


5) Water Me (19 minutes)

Governor's Island

July 28, 2019

Photos by Kunning Huang






6) Quench (10 minutes)

New York Live Arts

October 19, 2019

Photos by Jonathan Campoverde

Video shot and edited by Stephen Donovan

Excerpts from Quench shot and edited by Stephen Donovan