Thirst series

In the Thirst series, I reflect on the objectification of body parts by entangling the body with objects that are historically associated with menial labor. 

1) Thirst

performance: 18 minutes

Radiator Gallery on May 17, 2019

Photos by Jon Campoverde


Performed again at

Performance Anxiety 

Chinatown Soup, NY

February 11, 2020

Footage by Oya Damla


2) Thirsty

performance: 15 minutes

Para//el Performance Space

May 18, 2019


Video by Amanda Hunt 















3) Quenching Thirst

performance: 12 minutes

Chashama's Upper East Side Gallery 

May 25, 2019

Photos by Ana Maria Farina















4) Drying

performance: 15 minutes


Upper East Side Gallery

June 15, 2019


5) Water Me

performance: 19 minutes

Governor's Island

July 28, 2019

Photos by Kunning Huang






6) Quench 

performance: 10 minutes

New York Live Arts

October 19, 2019

Photos by Jonathan Campoverde

Video shot and edited by Stephen Donovan

Excerpts from Quench shot and edited by Stephen Donovan